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Meztigor 2 years ago
With the development during the last quarter of the nineteenth century of technological progress and scientific knowledge, especially about human biology, psychology, genetics, and evolution, some intellectuals and politicians developed a racist perception of Jews. This perception developed within a broader racist view of the world based on notions of inequality of races and the alleged superiority of the white race over other races.
Munris 2 years ago
If that's what did it for you then your my kind of man!
Kalkree 2 years ago
I tend to agree because I've known men who were like that. And I've seen women attempt to manipulate men who had absolutely NO CLUE what was going on, while the other women around him can see it plainly. I once dated a man like this. I finally had to get the wife of one of his friends who also worked for her to explain to him what she was trying to do. He blocked her number after that. She was a home wrecker for sport.
Guzilkree 2 years ago
I want that pretty pussy to squirt all over my face! ;)

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